SLEEPY TIME - Relaxing Night Time Sleep Aid

SLEEPY TIME - Relaxing Night Time Sleep Aid

Supports Restful Well-Balanced Sleep to Help You:


Fall Asleep Faster

Stay Asleep Longer

Improve Sleep Quality

Ease Insomnia

Promote Relaxation

Boost Immunity


with Valerian Root, Lemon Balm, Magnesium, Lavender, Hibiscus


For Best Results: 30 minutes before bedtime, scoop 2.5 grams (1 - 2 tsp) of sleepy time blend into the provided *reusable* teabag. Steep into ~200 ml of hot water, for approximately 5+ minutes. Realx as you drift away into a beautiful night's sleep.


Valerian Root

Reduces time to fall asleep

Helps to promote deep sleep

In traditional medicine, acts as a sedative for brain & nervous system

Used for sleep disorders & insomnia



Improves insomnia symptoms

Proven to help fall asleep faster & sleep longer

More highly absorbable than other forms

Aids in muscle recovery



Herbal remedy famous for sleep inducing powers

Improves sleep quality

Promotes feelings of relaxation

Can lower blood pressure

Reduces inflammation



Promotes slow-wave sleep, helping you sleep longer and better

Works by calming the central nervous system

Aids sleep by assisting in production of melatonin


Lemon Balm

Reduces sleep disruptions by increasing GABA in the brain

Promotes calmness & relaxation

Decreases overall cortisol levels, thereby lowering anxiety & stress

  • Reusable Tea Bags

    Due to the uniquie blend of this product, make sure to use our provided eco-friendly reusable tea bags.

    Simply wash them out and dry after each use, to reuse again and again.