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Since our first day in business, Grass Roots Wellness has been offering our customers the best selection of natural wellness products. We strive to provide the best quality ingredients, in therapeutic doses, at affordable prices.


Our online store has become synonymous with quality and we ensure a continuous variety of wholesome products to enhance your health, vitality & longevity. 


Check it out and start shopping today!

At Grass Roots Wellness, we truly believe our health is the ultimate wealth.

Nothing compares to feeling our best. And the foundations of health, always start from within.


What we put inside our bodies matter now more than ever. Which is why every single product we created is designed with an exact goal and purpose in mind. The ingredients are hand selected with NO nasty chemicals, NO artificial colors, fillers or flavors, NO artificial sweeteners.


Simply natural foods and ingredients to help you not only optimize,

but thrive.


We also believe in transparency - which is why we’re upfront about every ingredient we use and why!


Stephanie Redman, created Grass Roots Wellness out of sheer need and a strong desire for something different in the health and wellness space.


After suffering countless years of thyroid imbalances, hormonal conditions, and being told by doctors to simply take prescription medication and “live with the pain” she thought there has to be a natural, more holistic approach.

Fast-forward to now, every product we offer at Grass Roots is designed using therapeutic doses of every ingredient with a specific hormonal / bodily function in mind.


We help customers balance and optimize their bodies from the inside - naturally. Without relying on unnecessary medications, expensive pills, and fillers.


Real ingredients = real results.

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I love supporting small businesses with integrity and something amazing to share!
I haven’t eaten red meat (or any meat for that matter! 🤣) for over 20 years! - But I tell you what..
I’ve been trying to heal adrenal exhaustion and burn out for around 6 years. Tried everything. Nothing really worked. Honestly I think your Liver Lover supps are the missing link. I’ve only been on them a week and already feeling a total change in my energy and central nervous system.

Such gratitude for you guys making this available in such a clean and sustainable way.

Thank you! 🙏🏽♥️♥️ Feeling that my energy is only going to get stronger.


After a few months of taking basically the entire product line (Greens, Love Ya Guts, Liver, Get Hard, Perfect Period, Glow) I honestly feel the best I have in a decade. I think I had some severe nutrient deficiencies, probably worse that I even knew! Since taking these products, I'm genuinely feeling fantastic on all fronts. My mind is actually blown I have 3x more energy, my sleep is dramatically improved, I'm ovulating for the first time in years, my skin looks great, my digestion is great. Really kicking myself I didn't try sooner, but happy I found you!



Thoroughly enjoying the results from the Get Hard, Super Charge and Liver Lover thus far. I definitely notice some differences downstairs if you catch my drift. I also feel stronger in my workouts and a lot more energy throughout the day. Less brain fog too. Thanks!


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