Image by Gian Cescon

I bought the Super Charged brain pills along with the Liver pills, as the latter was recommended by a friend.

Well, they both began working almost immediately. I noticed at the end of day 3 that I was in a far better mood than usual for no reason, which is bizarre considering I'm treated for depression.

I'm also recalling things better and with ease. Both the organ meats have already helped me in noticeable ways a week in. I highly recommend Grass Roots!

Claudia B.


After two weeks of using this product, I am amazed by how powerful it is. In both energy and focus, I am astounded by how much of an impact one pill in the morning has throughout the whole day! I even stopped drinking caffeine aside from one cup of coffee when I wake up, and find no need for pre-workout before the gym anymore. 


While my ED is nowhere near clinically diagnosed, it is an intermittent problem; sometimes I perform great and things are going splendid, and other times I'm maintaining only a partial erection for most of a session. As a picky single male, you can imagine the headache and anxiety this causes when I do meet someone I like and need to perform well. Consistently taking GET HARD and I am a beasttttt now. It's weird you basically feel the same type of thing down below that you taste in the pills -- I don't know how to explain it, but my erections have never felt so powerful and raw. This has made women say I'm the best they've ever had and makes them really hungry for more lol. I feel like I'm marketing this drug like the fake advertisements you see, but I have tried A LOT OF STUFF, and this coupled with weightlifting and cardio is the only that has fully worked to make me operate at 110% in the bedroom (pycnogenol and l-arginine [dose 120mg and 3g, respectively] mixed together actually has studies done and this combination proved effective for me, too, but not nearly as potent as GET HARD.

So yeah, I'll be buying this stuff forever. I hope they never go out of business. I'm completely satisfied with (better effect, better than I was before, and saves a little money, although it's worth the money 100%). 

Mac R.


I chose to wait a few weeks before writing this review so I had a chance to take it and see if it was really that beneficial. For years, I've been having issues with major hair loss (thyroid). My doctor was lost and did not know how to help me cure this embarrassing problem. I was losing shedding handfuls of hair in the shower every week and ended up with a  “developed” a bald spot. I was truly depressed to see this happen to myself. Since taking this for the last 6 weeks, I am without a doubt seeing noticeable changes slowly. For one, I stopped losing as much hair as I once did. That handful of hair every week lost in the shower, decreased to about 1/5th of what it once was. The length of my hair actually didn't continue to shorten but instead grew 3 mm in length. My bald spot on the side of my head has grown some small patches of hair too.

I also have noticeably more energy and can get by with just 1 morning coffee!

These small changes are giving me the confidence to say this product is actually working!! Pretty incredible to see this as my doctor wasn't able to cure this, but some beef liver brand  did! I will be ordering these supplements for a long time and I am really happy with the results. I don't often write reviews, but for this product, I just had to share this. Buy with confidence I would say.

Sheryl P.